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You need to know everything about your counterparty to be ready for any situations. Collecting information about a person will help you find out about his circle of communication, get an idea of the persons who committed a crime against you, as well as find acquaintances with whom you have lost contact.

A professional detective agency will help you with this.

Osint Intelligence

Currently, almost all information is recorded, stored and stored in digital format. People and organizations leave behind a large and detailed digital footprint, so the emergence of OSINT (intelligence based on publicly available information) was inevitable. Our OSINT detective will piece together all this data, analyze it and make a full-fledged digital portrait of a person, firm or company.

Property search abroad

When searching for property abroad, the detective agency “Grosman Investigation” managed to prove the illegal origin of factories, yachts, steamships, and unravel gray schemes with facts. Disclosure of this information threatens the owner with deprivation of property abroad and criminal proceedings in Russia. These arguments are a powerful lever of influence on the holder of foreign assets. If you need to search for property abroad, then contact our private agency for professional detectives for the provision of services.

Collecting information per person

To protect yourself, you need to have reliable information about business partners and people in your inner circle.  Therefore, the right and correct decision is born - to find out the truth and dispel the doubts that have arisen. Specialists of the information direction of the Detective Agency “Grosman Investigation”  they will quickly and promptly collect information on the person you are interested in, located on the territory of Russia or abroad.

The collection of information is carried out in full confidentiality, after the transfer of the dossier is deleted from the carriers of the private detective agency.

Checking the home staff

The home staff is the main witness of your private life, who has access to your home, constantly interacts with your relatives, children. The main side of personal security is the professionalism and integrity of the servants. Private detectives have developed a set of measures to identify the honesty, loyalty and integrity of domestic staff. There are many ways to check the servants. A person does not even realize that he is under the constant supervision of professional agents. Detective services of a private agency are a guarantee of the absence of facts of disappointment, betrayal, loss of material values, reputation and other sad consequences.

Search for bank accounts

The search for accounts of individuals and legal entities is carried out both at the request of the account holders themselves, and according to the decisions of bailiffs. In these cases, all financial institutions are required to provide full information about customer accounts within a certain period of time and, if necessary, block transactions on them. A private detective is not limited in terms of search and is interested in the result, unlike bailiffs. Contacting a detective agency is an opportunity to repay the debt as soon as possible. Our agent knows how to find the debtor's place of residence, the presence of active accounts. Working with us you will save your personal time, get the necessary information.

Compiling a dossier

A dossier on a person is the first step to your safety. You have the right to know the truth about the person next to you. A new partner in a relationship or business, an employee of your company, a babysitter for a child, a housekeeper — these are people who came into your life from the outside. The private agency “Grosman Investigation” will carefully collect and verify information about the person you are interested in, without suspicion. Compiling a dossier on a person can protect you from dangers and mistakes. Having the information, you will not allow yourself to be deceived.

"Grosman investigations"

Private detective, founder of the agency Grosman Egor Yurievich

A professional, licensed private detective. He served in the Federal Drug Control Service as an operative, as well as in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation as head of the State Secret Protection Service. Holder of several certificates of the Academy of Information Systems (OSINT, competitive intelligence, economic security).

He has acquired irreplaceable skills and knowledge, reinforces them with discipline, a sense of responsibility, tact and an uncompromising attitude to honesty and duty.

He has been working in private investigation since 2016.  Full member of the International police organization IPA and the World Association of Detectives WAD.

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Работаем с немецким и американским PDR оборудованием, профессиональным полировальным оборудованием с соблюдением всех этапов технологического процесса.



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Your information is always protected and remains strictly confidential. All the details that you tell us are necessary solely for the performance of your task. There is no need to hide important information from us. Even the most insignificant moments can sometimes affect the course of the case. If you try to hide something, then your case can go according to the scenario of the development of events without taking into account those nuances. This may delay the investigation for a longer period, lead to unforeseen expenses, and distort the information and results we have received. Remember that one of the most important components of success in our business is the trust between the detective and you. 

The Agency's mission
 “Grosman investigations”

"On the basis of confidential communication, morality and justice, we apply our knowledge, authority and capabilities in solving the client's tasks. We will implement this assistance in the shortest, most effective way." 

Our motto: "Secretly for the good"

We work anywhere in the world

Thanks to our partnership with the international associations IPA (International Police Association) and WAD (International Association of Detectives), as well as our participation in international conferences of these organizations and maintaining a high level of trust and coherence within a narrow circle of international detectives, compliance with high moral principles and competence in the field of private investigation, investigations are at your service not only in Russia, but also anywhere in the world.

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We do not cooperate with intermediaries or authorized representatives of the customer

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Beware of scammers
in our business

Today, in the market of detective services, there is a category of fraud detectives who take prepayment from customers and disappear. Pay attention to the following points:


1 / 2

Clarification of details by a private detective.

Detective agencies always clarify various details of the upcoming work and never promise an absolute result, especially right away 

Low price.

Scammers deliberately underestimate the price of services in order to attract a victim to themselves. For example, if we are talking about an investigation of medium complexity, lasting 1-2 weeks, the scammers will assign you a price of about 30-50 thousand rubles 

Detective associations.

Scammers are not members of professional detective associations. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, professional colleagues quickly "open" and expel crooks. Secondly, in in case of numerous complaints from clients, a member of the association forcibly leaves it 

Legality of the service.

The scammers do not have a license, do not meet in person, the phone number has a clean "GetContact". Don't be lazy, check it out. 

Site availability

The absence of paid advertising on the SITE. It would not be superfluous to look at competitors' sites and highlight a more expensive design, since scammers will not bother and pay a lot of money for a good quality website 


Ask the detective where he served, if these are not operational units or the detective did not work in law enforcement at all, we do not advise you to trust your cases 

Prompt solution of tasks is a guarantee of a successful result

You will identify your problem, we will select possible solutions

Let's define the tasks that need to be completed to achieve your goals

We will establish the scale of the upcoming work 

Get a detective's advice right now 

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You don't have to delve into every process, we will do everything ourselves

Meeting, discussion of details

We will meet and sort out your situation at any time convenient for you 


Development of an action plan

we talk about ways to solve the problem, choose the right one, determine the form of the contract and the cost


Conclusion of a contract or oral consent

We sign a contract for the provision of services, as well as an NDA - non-disclosure agreement and pay an advance 




Order execution

We keep you up to date with the interim results 



We provide a full report. We destroy the originals and copies of all the information received

Completion of the transaction

Don't worry, all our actions are legal

Absolute legality of actions that will remove from you all suspicion and responsibility for possible offenses

Work under the contract: the rights and obligations of the parties are documented and can be changed by mutual consent

The information received is transmitted to us on confidential terms, so there is no need to worry about a third party getting access to it

We always work within the law, fully observing all the rules and regulations governing the activities of a detective

They trust us: 

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Маркетинговое агентство

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г. Москва

Маркетинговое агентство

г. Москва

Продажа и аренда недвижимости

г. Санкт Петербург


г. Москва

Завод по металлообработке

г. Санкт-Петербург

«Лидер Групп»

г. Краснодар


Reviews on Yandex services


Olga Z.

I had to find my ex-alimony husband, he was hiding from the bailiffs, I couldn't find him. Egor approached this issue professionally, found both a place of work and the "daddy" himself. The bailiff has already started work, soon I will receive the money that he owes his son. 

Natalia Anokhina

Detective Grossman can do it whenever he wants. Here's what I can say about the work of the agency "Grossman investigations" 


Egor Grossman is a professional with a capital letter. I won't go into details, I'm not a writer, but he helped me a lot in solving a difficult task. To be honest, I doubted the success of the case, but thanks to his clear qualified work, the doubts passed and the result was achieved. 

Michael K.

Everything is done competently and without unnecessary questions. They do not try to pull extra money from the customer and do it in the shortest possible time. Thank you for the work done. 

Dima P.

Helped to unravel a complicated case when no one took it.

Klara Kovalchuk

She suspected her husband of cheating. I asked the detective to follow up. My husband was delicately monitored. I was then provided with a photo and video shoot. I was finally convinced of his deception. Thanks. 

Ilya Medvedev

A professional in his field, a man of his word.

Mark V.

A very experienced detective who can be trusted.

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